NerdWallet Personal Loan iphone screen


User Goal

Qualify for the lowest possible rate for a personal loan.

Business Goal

Increase revenue from funded personal loans.


Worked alongside PM and research to develop a strategic plan, interaction design, and visual design.


3 months.


1000-plus basis point increase on click-through rate with annual 250% revenue growth.

Product vision

Change the existing paradigm from the “Expedia” of loans to the “Kayak” of loans: One-stop shopping with five-minute pre-qualification. Redesign the data information for seamless apple-to-apple comparison for loan products on mobile devices.

User pain points

Personal Loan John image
  • I need a more efficient way to compare all of my options to determine my lowest affordable rate.
  • I don't have time to fill in application forms from different lenders.
  • I want to see if I qualify for a personal loan without impacting my credit score.

End-to-end flow map


End-to-end user testings

Asked users to rate current end-to-end flow (1 to 10 scale) so we understand what works, what doesn’t work, and what is missing.

user research 1

User testing takeaway (estimate offer page)

user reserch

Journey map

After user research, we identified user's pain points and business opportunities.

Journey Map image

Lean experiment map

The map allowed us to document various experiments and share iteration feedback about what has been shipped and what insights were learned.

Lean Experiment map



Estimate offer page: 14% click-through rate increase

before VS after

Application form: 4% completion rate increase

before VS after

Final offer page: 27% click-through rate increase

before VS after

Design patterns scale to all verticals

After implementing the personal loan design pattern, all of the verticals improved click-through rate.

Scale image

Desktop design

Future improvement

Lesson learned

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