NerdWallet Debt iphone screen

NerdWallet Debt

User Goal

Get out of personal debt.

Business Goal

80% of Americans are drowning under financial burdens. Getting out of debt is the No. 1 financial goal. Solving the problem is the best way to acquire and re-engage users.


Worked along with PM and research and engaged in strategic planning, interaction design, and visual design.


4 months.


Debt goal has more than 8% acquisition rate compared with other goals.

Project vision

NerdWallet is the go-to app for individuals with debt. People in debt often feel insecure. We want to give financial control back to users by offering clarity about their cash flow. Once we take users out of the financial downward spiral, we provide a sustainable effort to reduce their interest and, ultimately, their debt.

Product solution

Debt user research

Goal: To understand consumer habits around debt management.

Debt users Debt research


Partnered with the researcher and developed a persona together.

Jen Persona


Partnered with PM, marketing, and engineer teams to identify product opportunities.

Team work

Consulted with finance experts

Interviewed internal and external finance experts to learn the best practices and insights.

Consulted Personal Finance Experts

Value prop canvas

Goal: To make sure the features are addressing pains and to create gains for our customers.

Value Prop Cavas image

Product strategy

We came up with three key product strategies.


Ideation and hypothesis

Idea gallery


Goal: To illustrate end-to-end flow to get feedback from cross-functional and design teams.


Design solution

Created a design that provides solutions for users’ needs.

Diagnose my debt: Develop a plan or strategy to reduce my interest and get out of debt faster.


Keep me on track: Organize all my debts in one spot and track my debt progress.


Help me pay off my debt faster: Recommend financial products to reduce my interest.


MVP mobile design


MVP desktop design

MVP Result


Future improvement

Lesson learned

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