Mint Mileage iphone screen


User Goal

The IRS requires extensive records on mileage, which can be difficult to keep. But with the Mint MyBusiness mobile app, daily travel is automatically recorded. Just keep your phone with you as you travel and mark your business trips when convenient.

Business Goal

Mileage tracking is a great way to acquire small business customers for Intuit. Once we acquire small business owners, Intuit can funnel them through to other product offers.


Product got moved to QuickBooks Self-Employed for collaboration in its business unit.

Project vision

Create a method that allows for minimum effort in tracking a trip. This method should provide powerful and easy categorization and aggregation options so that users can manage their mileage when they are free or it becomes necessary.

User pain points

Zoe persona
  • I forget to track miles when driving, so I go back and fill in the details later when I have time.
  • I want to make sure I have all of the necessary details at tax time for fear of being audited.
  • I want it to be easy and I want to be able to do this on my phone, while I’m at a job or on the go.

Final design

Final design

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